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How to grow hydroponic Strawberries

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Treatment the fundamentals of how we grow hydroponic strawberries off the ground. Showing the growing medium, watering/nutrient provide system, ways to grow & gather. Richmond, Nelson NZ
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  1. nice video! easy to harvest for sure!

  2. Thanks mate, yes we used to grow them on the ground but it was back breaking work trying to pick them

  3. probably cuts down on the slug invasion too. I set some strawberry plants in our pond and they lived their new shoots even lived underwater but that is as far as I went. this would be a nice system to include in a series of ponds…

  4. You’re right, we get hardly any slugs on these, whereas we were always having to slug bait the ground plants. Cheers

  5. oh, I just realized you could probably run duck in there too… take out what slugs there are at the ground level? ducks or geese or both? Cheers

  6. wishmurderwaslegal

    Would you say this is a viable business? I am 27, tired of the office life, I have 200,000 liquid and i’m looking to venture off on my own, starting my own thing. Thanks.
    P.S. Do you just sell these outright or use for wine making?

  7. clever

  8. Wow! Looks pretty impressive! I bet this was pretty expensive, especially the irrigation/nutrient machine and system. Where do you get the coconut material like that?

  9. Nice set up! how do u construct the stands/posts? would like to build this on our farm. could u give us details info on the construction? Thanks

  10. Why Hydroponically grown fruits and veges doesn’t have a taste?

  11. Did you place any soil or clay balls or something in the square shape bag?thank you for respond!

  12. Very impressive! Thanks for the video.

  13. Cheers, thanks for watching.

  14. The bags contain coconut fibre growing medium, Some people also use rockwool growbags. Cheers

  15. Thanks, The posts are driven into the ground in rows, then a short piece of 2×4 timber is placed on top of each post to make a ‘T’ & the gutters sit on top of the T. Having them off the ground makes it much easier to harvest without having to bend over & we can run sheep under them to keep the grass down.

  16. Yes It did cost a few thousand to set up the irrigation etc, but all costs were recuperated in the first year of selling the produce. The coconut grow bags are imported into New Zealand by grow pacific. Cheers

  17. Yes definitely a viable business for us… most people love strawberries ;)

  18. Alright.Thank you !

  19. I might ask too these questions.How long you can use either medium for the strawberry?I would like to comprehend what you utilize as a fertilizer.Happy growing for your strawberry!!!!

  20. Beautiful set up……

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