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a lot of people hit me up asking me how i do this heres 2 methods one in paper towel and one in rockwool cube http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Hashley420.


a lot of people hit me up asking me how i do this heres 2 methods one in paper towel and one in rockwool cube http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Hashley420

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  1. put the seedling in non fertile soil untill there about a month old then start fertilizing them

  2. FuZZioNzZGaming

    Oh k thanks :)

  3. Growrelentless dotcom has the best grow systems. Check them out.

  4. great comment lmao

  5. @755Lewis i hate 50 cent too but his first cd was a classic

  6. so once they germinate i can just pop them in a good place in the ground?

  7. yup

  8. TheScrewed0ver

    lol would it be better to let it germinate in a lil pot or in a paper towel? and how old shuld it be when i transfer it to the ground?

  9. can you give them light soon as you plant them? or do you have to give them 2-4 days of darkness?

  10. yes give them light as soon as they sprout

  11. lol I hate to sound stupid but when they sprout from above ground? or like the sprout of the taproot once germinated?

  12. oh you totally meant once germinated not once planted my bad ha!

  13. TheScrewed0ver

    is there any way to speed up the growth of it? i germinated it in a pot and plan to keep it in one


  15. RunescapeHelpization

    it will be so much easier once they legalize this shit

  16. Anurag Yaparla

    can someone please answer my question
    i put my seeds to germinate after 4 days i open it then i see the place where i placed my seed was red in color ?
    someone please answer

  17. Good info love the vid keep it up

  18. do you put lights or heat lamps on the paper towels??

  19. no there supposed to be kept in the dark for 2-5days

  20. do you put the sprout goin down in the ground or put it where the sprout is upwards but still burried?

  21. Put it in sprout down in ground

  22. tiny weed is so cute :)

  23. have bc big bud and og kush seeds for sale” $50 for 20 seeds
    randaldjp@gmail dot com

  24. i always use rockwool never had a problem i actually germ in the rockwool i never check the ph and use tap water for seeds always woks sometimes the seds pop but never grow bad seeds! were u get the seeds

  25. you have to put the seed in the wet rock wool then put in Ziploc bag and place in a dark place for 2-4 days or intil it sprouts then put under the light after sprouted

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